AlgoTrader Demo

The following two variations of the AlgoTrader Demo are available:

1) AlgoTrader HTML5 based Trading Frontend

HTML 5 Client
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HTML5 Demo

  • Live Market Data updated in real-time.
  • Highly interactive TradingView chart.
  • Tables showing current Orders, Market Data Subscriptions, Positions, and Transactions, so all the information you need is visible on one screen, allowing you to make quick decisions.
  • All tables provide (multicolumn) sorting, grouping, filtering, column selection, and scrolling.
  • Highly interactive Order Placement Form with full-text search for instruments and configurable order presets, so any type of order can be placed quickly with a minimal number of clicks.
  • Configurable Tiles located at the top of the screen showing general figures (like NetLiqValue, Unrealized P&L, Cash, etc.) to give you a summary of the financial state of the system.
  • Selectable View (either an aggregated view over the entire system or a strategy-specific view) so you can focus on the items you are most interested in without becoming distracted by others.
  • All items are automatically updated in real-time based on live market data, so there is no waiting or need to refresh manually.
  • Supports multiple currencies and automatic currency conversion.

The AlgoTrader HTML5 based Trading Frontend contains three simple strategies that place random orders in Forex, Stocks and Futures.

2) AlgoTrader Development Environment

AlgoTrader Development Environment
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Development Environment Demo

  • Experience a live trading strategy connected to InteractiveBrokers
  • Investigate open positions, live market data and open orders
  • Take a look at the different components of the system (AlgoTrader server and client as well as trading strategy)
  • Run a backtest and check out its performance figures (e.g. profit, volatility, sharp ratio, winning trades, loosing trades, etc.)
  • Look at live charts including entry and exit thresholds as well as events (entry, take profit, reversal, etc.)
  • Interact with the system through the AlgoTrader JMX client
  • Investigate the Java and Esper Code the strategy was built with
  • Use the in-built strategy wizard to create a new trading strategy

The AlgoTrader Development Environment contains an example Forex strategy, which can be run in simulation and live-trading mode. Access to the system is provided via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).



Contact AlgoTrader

For more information on how algorithmic trading can improve the efficiency of your trades, contact us directly by phone or email. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and can arrange for a fully guided product demo to show you exactly how you can take your trading to the next level.


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