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Enterprise algorithmic and quantitative trading solutions for financial institutions
Crypto & digital asset order and execution management platform for banks

AlgoTrader is an algorithmic trading software system. The company was founded by the CEO Andy Flury in Zurich Switzerland.


  • In March AlgoTrader closes a post seed financing round lead by NeueCapital Partners
  • In April the North American subsidiary AlgoTrader Inc. is established with an office in Hobooken New Jersey.


  • In May AlgoTrader was selected to be part of the Swiss National Fintech Team 2017
  • In July AlgoTrader 4.0 was release introducing the capability for automated cryptocurrency trading
  • In August AlgoTrader was selected as one of the 5 winners of the Swisscom Startup Challenge


  • In April AlgoTrader 3.0 was released which represents a revolutionary milestone in our history.
  • In Mai Found and CEO Andy Flury presented AlgoTrader at the Global Derivatives conference in Budapest.


  • By the early year AlgoTrader GmbH has expanded to include a team of eight experts in the fields of quantitative trading strategies, highly-concurrent multi-threaded Java development and financial engineering.
  • In April AlgoTrader GmbH was relocated from Zurich to Schindellegi Switzerland to be closer to the Swiss Hedge Fund industry.


  • In March the Swiss based limited corporation AlgoTrader GmbH was founded in Zurich and took over all operations.


  • Numerous FX trading strategies were implemented using AlgoTrader.
  • In July AlgoTrader was released as a publically available commercial product with all the features needed to operate a quantitative hedge fund.
  • The immediate market reaction was extremely positive and following its commercial release, large scale projects using AlgoTrader were initiated in Switzerland, Australia and the US.


  • The Linard Volatility Fund was set up as a fully regulated UCITS IV Fund, with all parts of the fund process fully automated with AlgoTrader. This included signal generation, execution algorithms, portfolio management, risk management, FX hedging and reconciliation.
  • Following the launch of the Linard Volatility Fund, additional alpha generation modules and a fully revised hedging process were added to the strategy.


  • The Swiss trading company Linard Capital was founded with the goal to launch a Volatility Trading Strategy using VIX options and Futures. AlgoTrader was used and extended at a large scale during the development process of the trading strategy.


  • The Cayman Island based Rialto Quant Fund was launched, trading the options writing strategy based on AlgoTrader.


  • AlgoTrader was initiated as an in-house solution for a Swiss-based options writing strategy.

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