Andy Flury

Founder & CEO

Andy Flury is a serial Entrepreneur and Software Development Expert. He served as senior project manager and software architect at Siemens Switzerland AG. Amongst others, he led projects at the Swiss intelligence Agency and various major banks and insurance companies. After leaving Siemens Andy Flury became partner and Head of Algorithmic Trading at Linard Capital AG, a small swiss hedge fund, where he was responsible for the definition, implementation, operation and monitoring of quantitative trading strategies. Andy Flury holds a Masters in Industrial Management and Manufacturing Engineering from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from the University of St. Gallen.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Jakob Bosshard

Chief Operating Officer

Jakob Bosshard is an experienced digital and banking technology leader with a proven track record in digital transformations and software engineering. He has worked with portfolio management and trading technology for many years, i.e. for banks, financial services providers and FinTechs in particular. Jakob has also worked in the Big Data and Analytics domain using AI for various automation and opportunity management tasks in the finance industry. Furthermore, he has lead big software engineering teams in a globally distributed setup thus using the agile approach to serve clients.
Jakob holds an engineering master’s degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and an Executive MBA from GSBA/SUNY in Zurich and New York.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Richard Chmiel

Chief Revenue Officer

Richard is an experienced business builder adept at all facets of growing and running a complex organization. Richard brings a deep understanding of the entire global, multi-asset class Wall Street Investment process including quantitative and fundamental research, systematic and high touch trading, order management, risk management, clearance and settlement, market data, alternative data, reference data, trading systems, and now, cryptocurrencies. Richard has a strong understanding of technology and system architecture and how they are used to advance the financial research and trading process. For over 30 years, he has been an executive at a number of leading trading, data and analytics information and software companies for investors, funds, banks and brokers.

phone +1 646 204 8036

Gergely Bacso

Chief Technical Officer

Gergely has been working as development lead in various industries, including banking, betting and trading. Before joining AlgoTrader, he was working for a small hedge fund in Lausanne, Switzerland. There he was responsible for the design, development and operation of an algotrading system, trading futures contracts and forex worldwide.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Patrick Mehrhoff

Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Mehrhoff has more than 10 years of experience in early-stage start-up development, especially in building and scaling the marketing department. Before joining AlgoTrader, Patrick has lived in different countries where he gained experience in various industries, working for start-ups and political institutions. Most recently, Patrick has built the marketing and communications department at the Swiss Fintech Awards Winner 2019, Crypto Finance Group from scratch. He has also worked for one of the leading incubators in Germany, for the biggest independent mortgage broker and for one of the most successful FinTech companies in Switzerland as well as for a Ukrainian cloud computing start-up and for a renowned German economist in the European Parliament. He has also managed many challenging projects during his time at a successful digital marketing agency in Switzerland. In addition, he was one of the first digital consultants in the FinTech scene in Southeast Asia and co-authored the first fintech studies in Vietnam and Indonesia.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Roger Langen

Head of Projects

Roger has more than 15 years of experience in software development within the financial industry.
He worked as a software developer, business analyst, team, project and product manager at UBS Switzerland AG, where he was responsible for IT development (budgeting, development and resource planning) and managed strategic projects for Equity Finance in Switzerland.
Roger holds a master's in computer science and is PMI PMP certified.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

George Yeboah

Pre-sales Engineer Americas

George has 15 years of experience in delivering software solutions using Java, C#, and Python, mainly for the financial industry. Before joining AlgoTrader, he was a technical lead on multiple automated trading projects for a Tier 1 global bank. He holds a Master's degree in Financial Engineering and a dual Bachelors' degree in Electrical Engineering and Economics.

phone +1 917 251 9127

Thomas Plaskocinski

Pre-sales Engineer APAC

Thomas has more than 15 years of experience in solving complex challenges.
He has worked on multiple projects covering trade finance, cash management, forex, risk monitoring and derivatives pricing.
Before joining AlgoTrader, Thomas led a tier one Singaporean banking team with digital transformation, embracing open banking ideas.
In his free time, Thomas has a passion for machine learning and applies his knowledge to trading strategies.
Thomas holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Systems, Networks and Security from EPITA Paris.

phone +65 3138 2075

Daniele Salviani

Sales Manager

Daniele Salviani has 7 years of work experience in the financial services and fintech industry concentrated in FX and derivatives trading. He contributed significantly to the success of multiple algorithmic trading technology solutions that cater to multiple, varied financial institutions and in particular FX, derivatives prop shops, hedge funds and commodity trading firms.
Daniele Salviani holds a MSc in Banking and Financial Intermediaries from Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy) and other exchange trading qualifications.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Marek Zganiacz

Senior Front End Developer/ Team Lead Poland

Marek has over 11 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining enterprise systems. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science. Before joining AlgoTrader he's been working on a number of trading systems in major investment bank and he's been serving a role of lead developer, team lead and analyst.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Anna Baczulis

Java Back End Developer

Anna has 7 years of experience as a Java back end developer in building both large and small scale enterprise information systems. Before AlgoTrader she was involved in many software projects in the banking, telecommunication, transportation and sells area. Holds Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. OCPJP certified.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Aleksei Khoziaev

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Aleksei has more than 6 years of experience in developing high-load distributed applications mostly in the finance sector. Before Algotrader he developed a reconciliation system for UBS security trading and participated in building a credit history bureau for Russia's largest microfinance organization. His personal concerns and interests are performance and optimization.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Bartosz Wojcik

Quantitative Strategy Developer

A graduate of the University of Economics in Poznan, a programmer with over seventeen years of experience in Fintech projects, an expert in designing the architecture of complex information systems, over ten years of experience in managing teams of programmers and IT projects. A great enthusiast of AI and cognitive technologies. Puts great emphasis on user experience in all his products. Constantly engages his teams with the latest technologies and ideas. This is his team-building strategy. Privately, an artist painter a keen sailor and tennis player. Old stager on Great Masurian Lakes, Adriatic cruises and Baltic coastal passes.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Jan Kubik

Technical Support Engineer

Jan has 3 years of experience as java developer. He was working for Hewlett Packard building and supporting large enterprise information systems where he also gained experience with supporting an enterprise data lake based on a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. In his spare time, he is developing auto-trading systems.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Marcus Egues

Senior Front End Developer

Marcus started his career as a fixed-income trader at one of the largest hedge funds in Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro. For the past five years he has migrated to purely software engineering, managing projects and delivering mobile and web applications for startups in Zurich. He specializes in JavaScript development, in particular with React/React-Native and Node.js

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Igor Ustinov

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Igor has more than 10 years of experience designing and developing financial services solutions. Before joining AlgoTrader he was a lead developer and technical lead in a number of software projects which included low latency, real-time trading and post-trade analysis systems for world’s leading financial institutions. Holds Master’s degree in Economics and Higher Diploma in Computer Science. SCJP, SCWCD, SCJD certified.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Maciej Dowgiallo

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Maciej is a software craftsman focused on delivering high quality and high business value solutions and systems, mainly for the banking and trading industry.
He has worked as core back-end developer for various projects in a top tier investment bank, developing systems like highly distributed trading applications and core engineering solutions (service discovery, messaging abstraction layers, generic distributed cache).

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Marian Petrik

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Marian has 12 years of experience developing and designing back-end systems based on Java, relational databases and distributed caches. He holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and is SCJP, SCBCD and Oracle SQL certified.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Zsadany Fulop

Quantitative Strategy Developer

Zsadány has 6 years of experience as a Full Stack Software Engineer in building large scale, low latency, high throughput enterprise applications. Before AlgoTrader he was involved in high profile software projects in the finance and e-commerce including Expedia's Travel Guide pages, and development of next-gen Investment Banking order management, execution management and trade reporting systems for one of the top financial institutions.

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Gabriela Nagel

Office Manager/ Team Assistant

phone +41 44 291 14 85

Kiley Chmiel

Marketing assistant

Kiley Chmiel has spent the last 4 years working in the New York City area as an accountant and marketing professional. Before joining the AlgoTrader team, Kiley worked at GSG Financial where she assisted on accounting and bookkeeping for a private financial services entity. At Bonnier Corporation, Kiley managed major marketing tasks including all social media outreach and promotional email campaigns. She also planned and executed major client marketing events for the lifestyle magazines. At AlgoTrader, Kiley's main areas of focus include financial accounting for the U.S. subsidiary and digital marketing and social media strategy and execution for global enterprise.

phone +1 646 204 8036


Happiness Manager

Fly is the youngest member in our team. This charming labrador loves to amuse and play with our developers even on the stressful days.

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