We are currently working with the following partners listed below.

EsperTech Inc.

EsperTech provides advanced ESP/CEP technology for real-time event-driven applications and streamlines Esper architectures with mission critical support and services and flexible licensing. AlgoTrader contains EsperTech’s ESP/CEP Engine Esper for which an OEM agreement is in place.

Pair Trading Lab

Pair Trading Lab offers software tools to retail traders who trade mean-reversion strategies based on statistical arbitrage of single stocks (a.k.a. pairs trading). Pair trading Lab offers a searchable database of pairs based on US stocks. Pair trading Lab exclusively provides its tools and database search access to AlgoTrader customers via integration web services.

Aurora Solutions

Aurora Solutions is a private software development and consultancy organization specialized in building financial technology products and algorithmic trading solutions based on AlgoTrader.

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