Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

AlgoTrader is the leading institutional-grade algorithmic trading technology to support automated cryptocurrency trading.

  • Support for hundreds of crypto and digital assets including:
    • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.
    • Stablecoins like Tether, DAI and USDC, etc.
    • DeFi tokens like Uniswap, Chainlink, Maker, Compound, etc.
  • Processing of live market data from any of the supported crypto exchanges
  • Trading of cryptocurrencies based on automated trading rules such as technical indicators or statistical arbitrage
  • Automated download of accounts, exchanges and currency pairs into the AlgoTrader platform
  • Simultaneous trading of cryptocurrency pairs on multiple exchanges
  • Trading of cryptocurrencies against fiat through FX brokers such as FXCM, LMAX and Currenex
  • Simulation and paper trading of crypto trading strategies in live trading
  • Support for exchange and margin trading
  • Automatic withdrawals and deposits, i.e. automatic re-balancing of cryptocurrencies across exchanges
  • Account/Deposit events via WebSocket
  • Handling of crypto fees
  • Crypto adapter order reconciliation on WebSocket reconnect
  • Encryption of API keys

Fireblocks integration

As part of the balances UI, Algotrader provides a full integration with the Fireblocks API to show balances of different wallet & account types supported by Fireblocks.

  • Fireblocks vault accounts
  • Fiat accounts
  • Exchange accounts
  • External wallets

In addition, AlgoTrader users can initiate transfers between any two connected wallets/accounts through the Fireblocks network, via the AlgoTrader UI or API.

Utilizing the Fireblocks integration facilitates use cases such as the ability to transfer assets to a venue “just in time” prior to executing an order, as illustrated here,  thereby reducing counterparty risk whilst increasing central liquidity management.

Crypto funds and crypto brokers

The crypto and digital asset trading features are particularly useful for crypto funds and crypto brokers.

  • Execution of large cryptocurrency orders via pre-built execution algos
  • Automated cryptocurrency market making
  • Arbitrage trading of cryptocurrencies between multiple cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Automated rebalancing of cryptocurrency portfolios
  • Automated liquidity management, whereby keeping a pre-configure level of assets in each of the configured venues


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