Broker and Market Data Adapters

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With AlgoTrader there is a wide range of broker and market data adapters available. Additional adapters can be added with ease.


Intermediaries provide connections to a large number of brokers and exchanges:

Broker Adapters

For the following brokers direct connections are available:

  • Interactive Brokers – leading online brokerage firm (Fix and Java native connectivity)
  • JP Morgan – one of the largest banking institutions in the US
  • UBS – Investment banking company based in Switzerland (available upon request)
  • FXCM – an online FX broker based in the US
  • LMAX – a London based FCA-regulated multilateral trading facility (MTF) for FX trading.
  • DukasCopy – a Swiss online bank with focus on FX trading connected to over 20 ECN’s
  • Nexus Prime – A MetaTrader MT4 Server – FIX interface provided by IS Risk Analytics
  • Fortex – a multi-asset trading platform
  • SocGen – a leading financial services group in Europe
  • Exante – provides online trading access to over 50 markets

Cryptocurrency Exchange Adapters

For the following cryptocurrency exchanges  direct connections are available:

  • Coinbase Prime & Pro – a US-regulated crypto exchange, which offers trading in more than 100 countries
  • Bitfinex – a top 5 HK/VG-based cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Bitstamp – a LU/UK-based cryptocurrency exchange
  • Binance – currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange
  • Bitflyer – a JP-based cryptocurrency exchange
  • BitMEX – a cryptocurrency futures and swaps exchange
  • Bithumb Pro – originally a Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange now serving the global market
  • Deribit – cryptocurrency Futures & Options exchange
  • Huobi Global – a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange with offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and the United States.
  • Kraken – a US-based cryptocurrency exchange providing cryptocurrency to fiat trading
  • OkEx / OkCoin – a Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange

Crypto Market Makers

Market Data Adapters

AlgoTrader supports multiple parallel market data feeds – allowing price comparison between different feeds. And it is possible to capture and store live market data.

Historical Data Adapters

Reference Data Adapters

Download instrument data (e.g. list of stocks, FX pairs or future and option chains) via

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