Business Features

No matter your prefered instruments or assets, our trading technology always provides the necessary business features.

Best-in-class features to focus on your business

  • Automated delta hedging to eliminate any delta risk associated with a specific underlying
  • Calendar service to keep track of trading hours, holidays and time zones for different exchanges and trading instruments
  • Options pricing engine using the SABR volatility model, which can be used in market-making scenarios and for OTC options trading
  • Multi-level portfolio hierarchies with or without parent portfolio aggregation
  • Integrated risk management to calculate risk metrics on position, strategy and portfolio level
  • Integrated money management to size your trades and positions based on risk metrics, account size, leverage, etc.
  • Multiple currencies with support for multi-currency portfolios with real-time FX conversion
  • Synthetic instruments and custom derivative spreads, i.e. virtual instruments consisting of multiple legs e.g. futures & options combos
  • Extendable symbology resolver to help identify instruments with the different venues using symbol, Bloomberg ID or underlying, expiration and strike


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