Business Functions and Automation

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With fully automated processes and built-in business functions you can cut down on working hours and manual labor, leaving the AlgoTrader system to handle most of the legwork for you, saving costs and valuable time whilst keeping your business streamlined.

Our range of business functions and automation includes:

  • Automated reconciliation process – with external brokers to automatically reconcile trades, current positions, subscriptions and redemptions
  • Automated Forex hedging – based on Spot FX or FX Futures to automatically hedge exposure to foreign currencies
  • Automated delta hedging – to eliminate any delta risk associated with a specific underlying
  • Calendar Service – keeps track of trading hours, holidays and time zones for different exchanges and trading instruments
  • Options Pricing Engine – using SABR volatility model, which can be used in market-making scenarios and for OTC options trading
  • Portfolio tracking and performance measurement via graphs, key ratios and custom statistics
  • Integrated risk management – calculates risk metrics on position, strategy and portfolio level
  • Integrated Money management – size your trades and positions based risk metrics, account size, leverage, etc.
  • Perpetual swaps P&L calculation
  • Spring profile validation

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For more information on our range of automation and business functions, contact our offices directly for more details. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and can provide full on-site/remote training and consultations.

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