Order Management and Execution Algos

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AlgoTrader offers flexible order management so you can execute any order in any market, with a wide range of order types and execution algorithms available.

AlgoTrader order functions include:

  • A range of order types including – market, limit, stop, stop limit, trailing, bracket
  • Multiple time-in-force options such as – day, good-till-cancel, good-till-day, immediate-or-cancel, fill-or-kill, at-the-open, at-the-close
  • Custom order properties – add custom information to an outgoing order message (e.g., broker-specific field, algorithm-related properties).
  • Built-in Smart Order Routing (SOR) execution algorithms allow you to gain better execution prices and minimize market visibility and impact (VWAP, TWAP, Slicing, etc.)
  • Broker-side execution algorithms (VWAP, TWAP, Percent of Volume, Accumulate/Distribute)
  • Custom execution algorithms
  • Algo order parent / child display
  • Algo order persistence
  • Custom Pre-trade checks
  • Generic inbound FIX interface
  • Custom alerts and trade suggestions via email or text message, allowing manual confirmation of automatically generated signals
  • Multi-account functionality with sub-accounts, managed accounts and fund accounts
  • Place orders & record transactions manually

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