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AlgoTrader Trial Version / Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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General questions

What is the cost of AlgoTrader?

AlgoTrader is available as a subscription-based license with yearly licensing terms

To request a quote please use this link:

What are the advantages of using AlgoTrader over building my own algorithmic trading platform?

Building your own algorithmic trading system including back testing and live trading is a huge task

Many of our clients who tried to do that originally, had to give up several months later because they underestimated the associated effort by factors

Using a ready-made system like AlgoTrader allows you to focus on the actual trading logic, so you do not have to spend time building your own algorithmic trading platform from scratch

Support, Consulting and Professional Services

What level of support does AlgoTrader provide?

Standard Support is included with the AlgoTrader license

The license contract covers general support for cases like this:

  • I’m getting an error message xxx, what do I need to do
  • I tried to do xxx and it does not work
  • How do I do xxx

Where does support stop and where does consulting / professional services start?

If you want us to provide you with an implementation approach for your trading strategy or want us to implement a trading strategy for you, that would need to be covered by the professional services contract

So essentially if we provide you with the actual code needed to implement your strategy, then that will need to be covered by a professional services contract

What sort of consulting services / professional services does AlgoTrader provide?

We assist clients in coding new trading strategies and/or migration of existing trading strategies

If requested, we will provide you with an estimation on how long it will take our development team to implement your trading strategy

In order to provide you with an estimation, we would need a detailed description of your requiremens for your trading strategy. And we will be happy to provide an NDA beforehand


How is AlgoTrader unique in the cryptocurrency space?

AlgoTrader has supported professional trading companies for many years. Due to that we have a lot of experience the the field of quantitative trading strategies. When Using AlgoTrader, cryptocurrencies are just another asset class

All of the existing AlgoTrader features are also available for crypto currency traders

AlgoTrader is particularly useful for Bitcoin funds and Bitcoin brokers due to the following unique features:

  • Execution of large cryptocurrency orders via prebuilt execution algorithms and smart order routing
  • Automated cryptocurrency market making
  • Arbitrage trading of cryptocurrencies between multiple cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Automated rebalancing of cryptocurrency portfolios

What sort of latency measures can be expected when trading cryptocurrencies?

Latency in Cyptocurrency trading is generally very high compared to trading traditional instruments like FX, Equities, Derivatives, etc

This is mainly caused by the technologies cryptocurrency exchanges use and also the type of interface they provide (typically REST and/or websocket)

Is it possible to connect AlgoTrader directly to cryptocurrency exchanges?

Yes, we have direct adapters to Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitflyer and BitMEX.

In order to use Coinigy with AlgoTrader, do I have to open an account with Coinigy?

Yes, you will need to open an account with Coinigy through this link:

Can I trade with my own wallet/account through AlgoTrader?

You will need to setup a account at the Crypto exchanges you want to trade, then configure the exchange API keys in AlgoTrader (or Coinigy) and then you can trade through AlgoTrader

Where can I get historical data for cryptocurrencies?

Historical data can be purchased through

Is it possible to retrieve exchange fee structures through Coinigy?

You would have to retrieve those from the exchanges directly

Is it possible to automate a crypocurrency transfer between cryptocurrency exchange accounts?

Automated withdrawals of coins are possible through the platform for all direct exchange adapters.

AlgoTrader Trial Version / Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Is there a free AlgoTrader trial version?

Yes, we provide a free 30-day trial version, which can be request here:

The trial version is provided through Amazon AWS

Where can I find instructions on how to setup the AlgoTrader trial version?

Please have a look at our quick start guide:

Does AlgoTrader provide an Amazon AWS server / instance to install the trial version?

We provide an AWS image with the AlgoTrader system and all pre-requisites installed. The actual Amazon server will be running under your own Amazon AWS account.

For further instructions please see:

What is the recommended AWS instance type?

We recommend at least instance type t2.medium, ideally instance type m5.large

Can I use an Amazon AWS GPU instance

Yes, Amazon does provide GPU instances, see:

At what time does the 30-day trial version expire?

The 30-day trial expires 30 days after you have received the confirmation email.

What happens when the 30-day trial version expires?

When the trial period expires you will not be able to start the AlgoTrader software anymore (e.g. run back tests or run trading strategies in live trading)

Howerver you can still login to your Amazon AWS instance and retrieve your strategy code

What operating system is the 30-day trial version based on?

The 30-day trial version is based on a Windows 2012 Server instance

Is the 30-day free trial available outside Amazon AWS?

Yes, the 30-day trial is provided via Amazon (AWS). There is no alternative to that at the moment

How safe is Amazon AWS?

Many of our hedge fund clients are using Amazon AWS to host their productive AlgoTrader server.

Amazon AWS is known to have very high security standards

The Amazon AWS based AlgoTrader installation will be running under your Amazon AWS account. So nobody else can access it, and neither can we

Hardware & Software Requirements

What are typical hardware requirements to run AlgoTrader

We generally recommend the following initial hardware configurations:

  • CPU: Dual or QuadCore
  • Ram: 6 to 8 GB
  • Disk: 100 GB SSD

If using Amazon AWS we recommend at least instance type t2.medium, ideally instance type m5.large.

Which operating systems are supported by AlgoTrader?

AlgoTrader is based on Java, so it can be installed on any operating system (e.g. Mac, Windows and Linux)

How long does it take to install AlgoTrader?

Amazon AWS or Docker based installations take a few minutes only. Bare-Bone installations on other operating systems typically take about 1 hour

Can I run multiple strategies on the same physical server?Ê

Yes, you can run many strategies on the same physical server

What is Docker? And why does AlgoTrader use it?

You can find more details here:

Docker simplifies installation and management of AlgoTrader on a productive server

However, Docker is not mandatory and AlgoTrader can also be installed without Docker

Does AlgoTrader provide a cloud-based / hosted version of the software?

AlgoTrader is provided as a software license that you can install anywhere you like (laptop, workstation, on-premise server, cloud server, co-located server)

Many of our clients are using Amazon AWS. We do however not provide hosting services ourselves

We’d be happy to assist you in setting up the AlgoTrader server

How safe is my intellectual property (IP) when using AlgoTrader?

AlgoTrader is provided as a software license, so it can be installed anywhere you like (laptop, workstation, on-premise server, cloud server, co-located server)

Nobody else has access to your AlgoTrader installation so your IP is fully protected

Trading Strategies

Are there any restrictions on what a trading strategy can do?

  • It is essentially up to you, what you would like to consider as one strategy
  • A strategy can trade multiple instruments, multiple asset classes, multiple time frames, multiple brokers and multiple accounts
  • Regarding the trading logic there is no limitation. A strategy can be something very simple or something very complex
  • However please note that the entire performance and reporting functionality of AlgoTrader happens on the strategy level. So if you would like to see performance charts and performance metrics on an instrument level you would have to instantiate multiple strategies
  • Also, if you need to start/stop individual functions separately, it is best to put them into separate strategies
  • On the technical side each separate strategy allocates a certain amount of overhead (memory and CPU). For that reason it is best to combine functionality into as few strategies as possible if there are no good reasons not to separate them

How many instrument subscriptions can AlgoTrader handle?

AlgoTrader does not impose any type of limitations on the number of instruments traded

Does AlgoTrader provide ready-made quantitative trading strategies?

Yes, we do provide a few ready made example strategies, for further details please see appendix A to F in our documentation :

Please note, that the purpose of these example strategies is to demonstrate capabilities of AlgoTrader, but those example strategies are not meant to be used in live trading with real money

Can AlgoTrader handle multiple trading strategies at the same time?

Yes, AlgoTrader supports trading multiple trading strategies in parallel

Can I write my trading strategy in Python or C#?

AlgoTrader provides a public REST and websocket API that can be used from any programming language to receive market data and send orders in live trading.

It is not currently possible to run a back test from languages other than Java.

It is however possible to provide signals from external systems into AlgoTrader (both in live trading and backtesting) that are then acted upon by trading strategies written in Java running inside AlgoTrader.

So for example, it is possible to calculate target positions in another program and then have the Java based trading strategy running inside AlgoTrader execute orders.

Also it is possible to call mathematical operations (e.g. related to artificial intelligence and machine learning) written in other languages both during live trading and back testing.

To make use of the ready-made business services that AlgoTrader offers, the actual strategies need to be written in Java.

Does AlgoTrader support Master and Sub account?

Yes, AlgoTrader supports trading of master accounts / sub accounts.

At the moment, this functionality is supported only for Interactive Brokers accounts

Is AlgoTrader able to back-test spreads, slippage & commissions?

Yes, AlgoTrader provides a fully configurable and customizable Execution Model, see:

Does AlgoTrader support pairs trading strategies?

Yes, pairs trading strategies are a perfect use case for AlgoTrader. In fact, we provide a ready-made pairs trading strategy integrated with PairTradingLab

for further details see:

Does AlgoTrader support market making and arbitrage strategies?

Yes, we do provide everything you would need to run a market making and/or arbitrage strategy

There are many different ways how to do this, so the actual implementation of the strategy would need to be implemented according to your specific requirements

What type of functionality does AlgoTrader support regarding Futures and Options?

AlgoTrader is originated around futures and options based strategies

Several AlgoTrader customers are trading sophisticated option / volatility based strategies using AlgoTrader

Please have a look at our documentation around options trading:

AlgoTrader also provides an automated Delta Hedging Functionality:

Execution and Execution Algorithms

Does AlgoTrader support execution algorithms?

AlgoTrader provides several pre-built execution algorithms

AlgoTrader also alows you to customize pre-built execution algorithms and/or implement custom execution algorithms

In cryptocurrency space, AlgoTrader is the only professional trading software solution that supports execution algorithms

What is the advantage of using AlgoTrader based execution algorithms over broker provided execution algorithms?

Broker provided execution algorithms are typically black boxes and the trader has no control over them. With AlgoTrader however, you have full control and transparency regarding execution algorithms

Does AlgoTrader provide pre-built execution algorithms?

Yes, we do provide several execution algorithms out-of-the-box:

Broker and Market Data Providers

Which brokers and market data providers does AlgoTrader support?

Please see:

Is it possible to trade through multiple brokers and accounts simultaneously?

Yes, that is possible

External Libraries

Can I integrate 3rd party libraries into AlgoTrader

Yes, AlgoTrader is based on Java, so any 3rd party Java library can be integrated

Does AlgoTrader support neural networks?

Yes, using 3rd party libraries, e.g.

Does AlgoTrader support machine learining / deep learning?

Yes, using 3rd party libraries, e.g.

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