Sanostro and AlgoTrader Partnership

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Sanostro and Algotrader

Sanostro, a platform for trading signal intelligence sourced from leading systematic managers, and AlgoTrader, a leading institutional algorithmic trading software provider, are pleased to announce a partnership to deliver enhanced trading signals to quantitative trading firms.

AlgoTrader provides a comprehensive platform for developing, testing and running quant trading strategies that seek to outperform the market.  The platform is a rich, multi-threaded solution purpose built for algorithmic strategy development and deployment.  AlgoTrader supports all asset classes including cryptocurrencies.  AlgoTrader also provides sophisticated strategy development services under Professional Services engagements.

Andy Flury, CEO at AlgoTrader, commented, “Because of intense competition from all market participants, quant researchers and traders are constantly seeking an edge in the markets – that edge comes from reliable signals and precise trading models.  Sanostro and AlgoTrader combine to deliver valuable insights and the ability to consistently take advantage of market mis-pricings and dislocations. We are delighted to be working with Sanostro to access their unique network of established quantitative hedge funds who deploy their proprietary signals and indicators for alpha generation.”

Godefroy Schrago, a founding partner at Sanostro said, “AlgoTrader is the most professional algo trading solution suite available to savvy market participants. This new cooperation allows us to deliver our highly innovative market signals directly into the trading engines and risk models of our mutual clients seeking to generate alpha trading in all asset classes. We are impressed by AlgoTrader’s achievements and look forward to this strategic cooperation.”

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