End-to-end Quantitative Trading Technology

Systematic order generation and algorithmic order execution for buy-side funds trading digital and traditional assets.


Buy- and sell-side institutional clients


Custom client strategies successfully built and deployed


Crypto, digital and traditional instruments supported


End-to-end algorithmic trading platform


Build quant strategies from scratch

Minimize your time-to-market by writing complex systematic strategies in Java or Python using AlgoTrader’s integrated development environment.

Connect any data source

Use any of the off-the-shelf live and historical data providers or integrate your own data sources to derive trading signals.

Develop strategies in any language

Natively write strategies in Java or Python, or easily integrate existing signal generation systems into the AlgoTrader API, whether they are written in R, C#, Matlab or any other programming language.


Extensively validate your quant models

Test multiple strategies in parallel by running them against historical or live market data with built-in exchange simulators.

One codebase. A single development cycle

Our backtesting framework allows you to use the same code for backtesting, paper trading and live trading. This allows you to save time and minimize errors when moving from backtesting code written in one language to a live trading system in another language.


Automatically improve the performance of your quant strategies

The strategy parameter optimization identifies parameter ranges that will yield the best risk-adjusted return for your strategies.

Flexible parametrization

Flexibly adjust and optimize parameters after running backtests in order to improve your strategy’s performance iteratively during the development process.

Connect or migrate existing quant strategies

Connect your own signal generation service via RESTful or WebSocket API, or migrate existing strategy code into AlgoTrader to benefit from the full backtesting and optimization features, whether they are written in R, C#, Matlab or any other programming language.


Minimize market impact and slippage

Consistently achieve best execution across trading venues thanks to Smart Order Routing and a wide range of advanced Execution Algos.

Only need connectivity?

You already have your own signal generation system and are just looking for connectivity and execution capabilities?
AlgoTrader OEMS


Unlimited flexibility. Tailored to your needs.

Integrate and Customize

Integrate any type of market and sentiment data. Our professional services team will assist you to create specific features based on your individual requirements.

Low-level native control

Receive orders from upstream systems and flexibly parametrize their execution at the venue of your choice.

Venue-agnostic order behaviour

Stay agnostic to your trading venues’ execution capabilities by implementing your own custom order behaviour as part of your quant strategy.

Seamless infrastructure integration

AlgoTrader minimizes your integration risk by using state-of-the-art technology components like ActiveMQ, Keycloak and Docker Containers.

High processing with low latency

Execute thousands of trades and process up to half a million events per second due to tick-to-trade latencies in the milli- to microsecond range.

All-inclusive license

Benefit from unlimited development and deployment capabilities including global support and custom development with a single platform license.

New Opportunities

Reduce your time to market.

Let us build your custom strategy.



We assist you in creating a detailed specification of your quant strategy design.



We build your custom signal generation and order execution logic as per the agreed specifications.



The strategy is installed on your AlgoTrader instance and we provide all the necessary documentation, training and post-handover support.



We provide you with an accurate estimate regarding cost and delivery time.




We extensively test your strategy and ensure it works properly and covers all edge cases.

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