Crypto and Digital Asset Trading for Banks

Institutional-grade trading platform with direct market access and seamless custody and core banking integration.



Future-proof digital asset banking

Due to increasing client interest for digital and crypto assets, banks need market-wide connectivity to provide best execution to their clients. With WIRESWARM, we help banks maximize profit margins by trading directly and securely with low-fee exchanges while minimizing counterparty, operational and market timing risks through seamless custody and core banking integrations as well as full trade lifecycle automation.


Available as a SaaS or on-premise solution.


We unify institutional trading

  • Market-wide FIX access

    Access to 100,000+ instruments and 25+ exchanges, brokers and OTC desks ensures business continuity even during high volatility events by always finding the right counterparty.

  • End-to-end trade automation

    Automated asset transfers between custody providers and execution venues with our industry-leading partner network. Benefit from active risk management and automated pre-trade risk checks.

  • Best execution at lowest risk

    Ensuring best execution with Smart Order Routing (SOR), algorithmic execution and automated settlement across 25+ liquidity venues.

  • Optimized liquidity management

    Reduced amount of capital needed to prefund trades across various exchange accounts while optimizing trade funding processes and minimizing counterparty risk exposure.

Our Partners

Strong partners for seamless access

AlgoTrader's mission-critical trading technology enables seamless access to the crypto and digital asset ecosystem. Our WIRESWARM flagship solution is integrated with industry-leading custody and core banking systems – automating the full trade lifecycle and enabling a seamless reconciliation of client positions across the entire banking technology stack.

Use Cases

Serving beyond client needs

Helping banks consistently achieve best execution for their clients is our core mission – whether they act as agency or principal broker. We equip your bank with market-wide execution connectivity and consult you on how to maximize your added value share by efficiently reducing transaction fees, transfer latency, and various risk factors thanks to streamlined straight-through-processing.
  • Agency trading for banks

    Expand and diversify your execution connectivity to ensure client orders are routed to crypto exchanges, brokers and OTC desks with minimum delay and executed at the best possible price. Establish a reputation as a reliable trading partner during times of peak volatility when networks are congested and exchange APIs unresponsive. Fully automate trade workflows with instant trade funding, custom settlement logic and seamless integrations into your custody and core banking systems.

  • Principal trading for banks

    Capture a larger portion of the value-added share by managing client orders and executing them against your own inventory. Benefit from lower trading commissions on secondary markets thanks to aggregated client flow and neutralize your own exposure with automated hedging strategies using spot, futures, perpetual swaps and options.

Unified digital asset banking

We unlock the potential of digital assets for banks as we extend our market-wide connectivity beyond liquidity venues by also including leading custody and settlement network providers. That’s true best execution for our clients.

Andy Flury, CEO of AlgoTrader

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