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AlgoTrader AG today announced that tensoralpha GmbH, a Berlin-based crypto-currency investment fund, has selected AlgoTrader, the leader in trading strategy development, back testing and deployment for all of its quant modelling needs. 
Automated trading has become critically important in the Crypto-currency investment space across the globe as traders look to address 24/7 trading and liquidity challenges in the fragmented Crypto-currency market.

AlgoTrader enables tensoralpha to greatly improve and accelerate its quantitative research capabilities and enhance strategy deployment in its inaugural fund. “To rapidly identify market mispricings and temporary dislocations we must be able to develop, test and implement systematic trading strategies quickly and efficiently,” said David Klemm, Managing Partner for tensoralpha GmbH. “To do that, we require open technology with rich functionality and top-level performance. With AlgoTrader, we can conduct research, find opportunities for alpha and test our strategies across multiple crypto-currencies efficiently and use the same solution for automated trading. We especially like the clean, intuitive development environment that AlgoTrader affords through its intelligent combination of Java, Esper and various other open-source, industry standard components” Klemm added.

“Sophisticated quantitative trading necessitates an integrated back-testing and trading platform and represents the foundation for identifying hidden trading opportunities and capturing alpha in the Crypto world. We are pleased that tensoralpha selected AlgoTrader and entrusted us with this critical core component of their research and trading activities.” says Andy Flury, Founder and CEO of AlgoTrader AG.

AlgoTrader is a fully integrated, event driven algorithmic trading platform that enables buy side and sell side trading firms to rapidly develop, simulate, automate and deploy quantitative trading strategies for any instrument type and for any market. Designed by industry experts, it gives users maximum control over their trading experience for consistent results. Initially designed for global equities, futures, forex and options, AlgoTrader now fully supports algorithmic trading in Crypto-currencies. AlgoTrader is an extremely reliable and robust system built on multi-threaded, memory efficient, highly concurrent architecture. It is optimized in terms of high availability and performance, so your trading activities will be uninterrupted and continuous. AlgoTrader provides additional business services including an integrated strategy back-tester, strategy parameters optimizer, configurable exchange simulator, auto-hedging and smart order routing execution algos to minimize slippage.

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