Order, Execution and Position Management

Fully integrated portfolio and OEMS platform for buy-side institutions managing digital and traditional assets.

Complete Portfolio And Trading Lifecycle Management

A white-glove approach to digital asset management

Take full control of your spot and derivative assets held across your accounts and portfolios with accurate and timely decision support capabilities to maximize returns and alpha generation by ensuring best execution across the widest range of exchanges, brokers and OTC desks the market has to offer.


Portfolio and position management

Actively analyze and manage your accounts and portfolios, review performance, draw insights, respond faster to market opportunities and drive effective investment decisions.

Order Entry

Use AT OEMS to manually enter and manage your orders or automatically generate and submit orders either from AT QUANT or any third-party signal generation service or upstream order entry system via our fully supported FIX or REST/WebSocket API connectivity.
AlgoTrader QUANT

Trading Venue Selection

Seamlessly connect to and trade with a wide range of your preferred liquidity venues with AT OEMS, thereby maximizing best execution opportunities and preventing slippage and market impact. Execute your trades in whole or split them into smaller child orders and execute them across multiple venues with our advanced Smart Order Routing (SOR) and execution algo technology.
Trading Venues

Order Parametrization

AT OEMS supports many different types of order styles to help you achieve best execution in line with your preferred trading strategies and across multiple liquidity venues such as:

  • Multiple order types from simple to advanced
  • Time-in-force options
  • Smart Order Routing (SOR)
  • Market-leading execution algorithms

Pre-trade Risk and Compliance Management

Effectively manage your client mandated rules along with internal risk and compliance checks by applying rule-based order management pre-trade checks to all orders before market submission, e.g. allowing asset and order types, checking order quantity or market exposure.
AlgoTrader OEMS Balances and Transfer

Trade & Post-Trade

Order & Execution Management

  • Monitor the order completion status of all orders by account or portfolio
  • Amend or cancel in-flight orders

Position, Balance & Asset Management

  • Monitor your P&L and other vital portfolio analytics that drive your insights and portfolio management across multiple portfolios dynamically broken down by your preferred views and categorizations
  • Actively manage and track all asset balances held on both on-exchange and off-exchange wallet locations from within a single AT OEMS view *
  • Maintain client-mandated liquidity and counterparty risk limits and asset allocations by transferring assets to and from preferred off-exchange and on-exchange wallet locations including between both off-exchange and on-exchange locations and between different exchanges *
  • Extract detailed execution and position reports

* Requires connectivity to an integrated digital asset custody technology partner.

Active Alerts & Notifications

Define triggers and events which will send alerts and push notifications allowing you to actively manage your portfolios and positions to maximize investment opportunities and reduce risk.

Instant, Off-Chain Trade Funding **

  • Eliminate counterparty risks and maximize liquidity by securely keeping your funds off exchanges
  • Instantly fund your orders without needing to transfer assets to an exchange via a blockchain transfer prior to executing an order thereby maximizing market opportunities
  • Transfer funds between exchange-approved self-custody wallets with zero blockchain confirmations
  • Settle and move assets off an exchange either on demand or at a pre-defined time period to balance between counterparty risk and blockchain transfer fees
  • Manage all assets, transfers, executions and settlement regimes from AT OEMS

** Requires connectivity to Fireblocks’ off-exchange solution.

Post-trade Risk and Compliance Management

  • Configure post-trade actions, e.g. allocating trades to specific portfolios

Available as a SaaS or on‑premise solution.


Integrated Position, Order and Execution Management

Order Types

Market | Limit | Stop | Stop Limit

TIF Options


Execution Algos

TWAP | VWAP | POV | Sniper | Iceberg | Trailing Limit | Market Sweep | Target Position

Execution Algos & Smart Order Routing

Automatically split your orders into child orders and route them to the exchanges with the best price while applying advanced execution algorithms to minimize slippage and frontrunning.

Venue-independent order types

Use order types like limit and stop even if they are not natively supported by your preferred trading venues.

Exchange connectivity & downtime protection

Access an expanding range of the largest centralised and decentralised crypto trading venues through a single, managed FIX API and benefit from automated trade reconciliation and order re-routing in the case of sudden exchange downtimes.

Upstream system integration

Use AlgoTrader OEMS as standalone solution for discretionary trading or route orders from your own signal generation service or upstream order entry system via a RESTful, WebSocket or FIX API.

Request for Quote for OTC trades

Execute large block trades directly with some of the largest OTC trading desks thanks to our in-built Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality.

Balance monitoring

Track your assets across custodians and liquidity venues for multiple clients, broken down by asset type.

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